Jeanne Sanner Bio

Jeanne Sanner has always lived her life with purpose and passion.

Her first passion for spiritual insights started early in life and continues today. However, her passions have not been singular in nature.

Jeanne’s second passion was the stage. She became involved in acting when she was sixteen, later becoming a director, producer, singer, orchestra conductor, and acting teacher. She is still active in theater today as a member of the Old Pros, a theater group from Laguna Woods Village located in the City of Laguna Woods, CA.

Jeanne is an avid student and educator. She earned her bachelor’s in Psychology, Master’s in Education, and Doctorate in Spiritual Studies.  She is retired from being a college instructor in Critical Thinking, Effective Speaking, Psychology, and more.  She currently facilitates classes in A Course in Miracles, The Four Agreements, Zen Parables and others. She is the founder and president of the Students of Unconditional Love Club.

Jeanne is passionate about sharing her insights into the human condition with others as a frequent public speaker on topics such as:

  • Why We Feel What We Feel and Do What We Do
  • Gain Freedom from Guilt
  • How to Love Yourself Unconditionally
  • Experience Real Freedom
  • Is Anger Ever a Good Thing?
  • Sorting Spiritual Truth from Falsehood in One Easy Step
  • Designing Your Spiritual Intentions

Although Jeanne continues to live an accomplished life, her journey has not been without significant obstacles, from her father’s physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, to rape at an early age, to a failed suicide attempt, and coming to grips with being gay. However, she has long-believed in the philosophy that it is better to be a victor than a victim. Because of her stead-fast belief, she has experienced personal reward and professional acclaim, including legally marrying the love of her life, Laura Flynn, in June 2008, to becoming a Barnes and Noble best-selling author for her previous book, The Spirit of Unconditional Love: A Handbook.

Jeanne continues her purpose and passion for helping others discover the secrets to inner peace and joy with her current book, Finding Unconditional Love A Little “Peace” at A Time.

To request more information about Jeanne, and if you wish to schedule her for an appearance, lecture, or book reading, please send your requests through Jeanne’s Contact page.

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